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08.02.2010   Warblade is now up and running on the iPhone. It will be released as soon as I feel it's OK. More info to come. Warblade v1.34 is released for the PC and Mac.

30.08.2009   Styx is now available for Windows/PC

25.07.2009   Shooting Gallery v1.5 is now available for Windows/PC

26.06.2009   Styx version 1.0 is now submitted to Apple for approval.

25.05.2009   Pixie version 2.1 is now available for PC and Mac ! Now supports 7 languages. iShooting Gallery v1.5 is also available for the iPhone.

11.04.2009   Pixie version 2.0 is now available for PC and Mac ! Lots of new features!

04.02.2009   Pixie is now available for PC and Mac ! New arcade puzzle game.

24.08.2008   iShooting Gallery is now available on the iPhone App store!

My first iPhone game is about to be released

DotBot and Deluxe PocMon version 1.12 is now released. Available for both PC and Mac (Universal build)

Warblade v1.3 is now released. Available for both PC and Mac (Universal build)

  EMV Software AS is now a real company ! My dream has come true

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Help Pixie find her way home through the dark forest and back to her friends and family.

Hot classic arcade puzzle action for the PC and Mac!

The game's main character, Pixie, loses her way in a magical forest one day and needs your guidance to return home. To succeed, gamers must play and advance in each game level, which will ultimately send Pixie on her way home, safe and sound. For each level, the objective of the game is to fence off or claim a majority of the playing field. Click on the playing board and send a magical vine to block off areas of the board.
Block off bugs as well and turn the playing field into flowers or magical mushrooms. Catch coins as they fly off the bugs, to buy helpful bonuses like bombs, shields, health potions, extra lives and more.

Some of the features in Pixie                           

  • 100 levels in full game
  • Profiles! Up to 10 users can have their own profiles and record their game progress
  • Medal system! You will now get bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals for various tasks performed in the game.
  • More bonues added!
  • Game made a bit easier to play!
  • Boss levels
  • In game shop to use your gold coins for
    potions and help
  • Lots of good and bad bonuses
  • Family and kids friendly game
  • Online Hall of Fame
  • Excellent gameplay and lots of fun!
  • Quality graphics, sound effects and music
  • Localized to 7 languages : English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian

Updates to all newer versions is forever free !           

Version 2.1 available now!!

Download PC demo Buy PC version Download Mac demo Buy Mac version

Windows version 2.1
Min:1GHz Celeron, 3D graphics card, 128MB RAM
Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Universal Mac version 2.1

OSX 10.4 and up, 128MB RAM, 35 MB HD space

After buying the game you must use the serial code that is given to unlock and validate the full version !
If you have a valid serial code you can download the latest demo version and unlock that to a full version!

VERY IMPORTANT!! When you buy the game on PayPal you MUST wait a few seconds and allow PayPal to forward you to my server and the webpage that will give you the serial code to use! Check that javascript is enabled or that javascript is allowed to use on the PayPal order pages!

To upgrade your current full version, just download the demo version and install it.

Screenshots from the game.



Profile screen with medals

Map screen



25.05.2009 : V2.1 Released!

  • FIXED - Some small bugs fixed and optimisations done
  • ADDED - Localization of the game
  • ADDED - Norwegian language
  • ADDED - French language
  • ADDED - Spanish language
  • ADDED - Portuguese language
  • ADDED - German language
  • ADDED - Polish Language
  • CHANGED - A demo profile can now be created (but, its not saved to server!!)
11.04.2009 : V2.0 Released!
  • MAJOR ADDITION - PROFILES. Record your stats and earn ranks in up to 10 profiles
  • MAJOR ADDITION - MEDALS. Play and earn medals in your profile. 40 available including the ultimate Platinum medal
  • CHANGED - More money from vanquished bugs and bosses
  • CHANGED - Good bonuses appear a little more often
  • CHANGED - Health bonuses and health from shop gives a little more now
  • CHANGED - Bosses now remove lines over a bigger area (easier to refill areas to hit bosses)
  • CHANGED - When health is bought in shop the adding of it is shown more slowly when you get into the next level
  • CHANGED - Switched 2 levels to accomodate new boss on 25
  • CHANGED - Demo now allows you to play up to level 25
  • ADDED - Game version checker and updater downloader.
  • ADDED - F4 will now toggle windowed and fullscreen modes
  • ADDED - Very small difficulty increase per level and per 100 levels
  • ADDED - Magic paint bonus as a bonus drop and shop item
  • ADDED - Boss to level 25
  • ADDED - Fireworks at endgame screen
  • ADDED - DirectX mode for those with poor OpenGL support
  • ADDED - Extra Life bonus
  • ADDED - New lightning strike bonus with gems and sounds
  • ADDED - Lightning bonus drops in boss levels
  • ADDED - More help text
  • ADDED - Demo mode after 30 sec of no user interaction on menu screen
  • ADDED - Check for URL encoded name when submitting hiscore (On PC)
  • ADDED - Magic Pouch in corner to click on for inventory items
  • ADDED - Version number and release date to "about" screen
  • ADDED - Optimisations for sound and particle routines speeding up many areas that could cause slowdown
  • ADDED - Highlight and shadow to HUD texts
  • FIXED - Minimum profile name length is 2 characters
  • FIXED - Buying extra energy in shop is now added when returning to game
  • FIXED - Check for enemies in space when bad bomb is used
  • FIXED - Serial code validation error after 10 games loaded
  • FIXED - Corrected some small bugs in 3 levels
  • FIXED - Submission of scores online
  • FIXED - Moved all created datafiles from inside the program package to a folder called "pixie_data" in the user folder (On Mac)

07.02.2009 : Fixed a small bug that made the validation code expire after 10 games, Registered user must download the game (demo) again and install it on top of old version.



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